with Signal Filtering Applications

by Dr. Claude S. Lindquist

Volume 1


". . . the best treatment of this subject that I have ever seen. It is a monumental piece of work and destined to become a classic." S.N. Thanos, President, Rockland Systems

"It is the most impressive textbook on filters I have ever come across. Your book satisfies a pressing need . . ." A.B. Williams, Coherent Communications Systems

"The book is a veritable encyclopedia of terminology, specifications, and applications . . ." IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Newsletter


This complete book of active filters will show you how to design more efficient, reliable, and economical systems, saving you both time and money. First it gives you the analysis tools of the filter designer. Then it gives you the design tools, and shows you how to use them quickly and efficiently. The book concentrates on a "top-down" approach for solving your entire filter design problems. You'll get clear, step-by-step procedures taking you from a system level statement of the problem straight through to designing the best filters for the job. And you'll see how to use design aids like nomographs, tabulated responses, design sheets, and military nomenclature to get them in less time.


749 pages, 690 figures, 175 tables, 224 examples, 597 problems, and 121 selected problem solutions. Standard design curves and tables including comprehensive filter nomographs, filter design sheets, and component specifications as MIL-STD-202 and MIL-HDBK-217. Myriad of practical design examples like Touch-Tone, FSK, and sonar filters; amplitude and delay equalizers. Numerous problems with selected problem solutions which form a collection of terminology and specifications (e.g., standards for magnetic tape equalizers, phonograph equalizers, audiometers, sound meters, telephone lines.) Original, unpublished research results like delay analysis, nomographs, filter classifications, passive- and active-tuned filters, high-frequency filters, discriminators.


We think you'll agree that this book is unique -- in its extensive coverage of classical and state-of-the-art topics, its readability, and its long-term usefulness.

The companion book ADAPTIVE & DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING with Digital Filtering Applications is also available. Both books use almost the same chapter sequences (same first half, analogous second half) and have been organized to be complementary. These books thoroughly develop and discuss the close relation and design techniques between active filters and digital filters.

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