with Signal Filtering Applications

by Dr. Claude S. Lindquist


1 GENERAL CONCEPTS System Classifications, Passive Elements, Independent and Dependent Sources, Linearity, Causality, Stability, Singularity Functions, Laplace and Fourier Transformations, One- and Two-Port Analysis, Thevenin and Norton Equivalents, Passivity and Activity, Signal Flow Graphs, Sensitivity, Root Locus, Minimum-Phase Functions.

2 FREQUENCY DOMAIN ANALYSIS AC Steady-State Characteristics, Bode Plots, First- and Second-Order Poles and Zeros, Lowpass Filters, Highpass Filters, Bandpass Filters, Bandstop Filters, Allpass Filters, Dominant Pole-Zero Analysis, Delay Analysis.

3 TIME DOMAIN ANALYSIS Relation Between Time and Frequency Domains, Partial Fraction Expansions, Impulse and Step Responses, Time Domain Approximations using Elmore, Valley-Wallman, and Dominant Pole-Zero Results; Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Bandstop, and Allpass Responses.

4 CLASSICAL FILTER RESPONSE Ideal Lowpass Filters, Maximally-Flat Magnitude, Butterworth, Chebyshev and Inverse Chebyshev, Ultraspherical and Legendre, Papoulis (Monotonic-L), Elliptic, Linear Phase and Maximally-Flat Delay, Bessel (Thomson), Equiripple Delay, Gaussian, Synchronously-Tuned, Parabolic, Catenary, Elliptic Contour, and Transitional Filters; Noise Response, Classical Filters in Retrospect.

5 OPTIMUM FILTER RESPONSE Filter Optimization in Time and Frequency Domains, ITAE Step Approximation, ISE Step Approximation, ISE Impulse/Gain Approximation, ISE Delay Approximation, ISE Gain/Phase Approximation, Minimum Rise Time Approximation, Minimax Delay Approximation, Minimax Phase Approximation, Valand's Approximation, Budak's Approximation, Pade's Approximation, Optimum Filters in Retrospect.

6 FREQUENCY TRANSFORMATIONS Frequency Scaling, Frequency Translation, Lowpass-to-Highpass Transformations, Complementary Transformation, Lowpass-to-Bandpass Transformations, Arithmetically-Symmetrical Transformation, Frequency Discriminator Transformations, Lowpass-to-Bandstop Transformations, Lowpass-to-Allpass Transformations.


7 ACTIVE FILTER CLASSIFICATION Signal Flow Graphs, RC Active Filters of Second-Order, First- and Second-Order Decomposition Filters -- Class A, $\overline{\rm A}$, B, C, $\overline{\rm C}$, D, E; Active Filter Classification in Retrospect.

8 Lowpass FILTERS Lowpass Filter Classes, Filter Design Sheets, Lowpass Filter Compilations, Component Selection, Lowpass Filter Design Examples, Gain-Tuned Lowpass Filters, Passive-Tuned Lowpass Filters, Immittance Calculations, High-Frequency Filters, Alternatives to Cascade Filter Design.

9 Highpass FILTERS Highpass Filter Classes, Lowpass to Highpass Filter Transformation, Highpass Filter Compilations, Highpass Filter Design Examples, Tunable Highpass Filters, Complementary Highpass Filters.

10 Bandpass FILTERS Bandpass Filter Classes, Lowpass to Bandpass Filter Transformation, Bandpass Filter Compilations, Bandpass Filter Design Examples, Tunable Bandpass Filters, Frequency Discriminators.

11 Bandstop FILTERS Bandstop Filter Classes, Lowpass to Bandstop Filter Transformation, Bandstop Filter Compilations, Bandstop Filter Design Examples, Bandstop Networks and Selectivity, Tunable Bandstop Filters, Amplitude Equalizers.

12 Allpass FILTERS Allpass Filter Classes, Bandpass to Allpass Filter Transformation, Allpass Filter Compilations, Allpass Filter Design Examples, Tunable Allpass Filters, Delay Equalizers.

13 OSCILLATORS Oscillator Classes, Frequency-to-Oscillator Transformations, Oscillator Compilations, Oscillator Design Examples, Tunable Oscillators, Harmonic Distortion.

14 COMPONENT SELECTION { RESISTORS} -- Construction, Standard Values and Tolerances, Power Rating, Temperature Coefficient, Nomenclature, Impedance Characteristic, Impedance Paper, Noise, Reliability, Aging and Radiation Effects, { POTENTIOMETERS} -- Construction, Standard Values and Tolerances, Power Rating, Temperature Coefficient, Model, Rotation and Translation, Taper, Linearity and Resolution, Nomenclature, Mechanical Parameters, Noise, Reliability, Aging and Radiation Effects, { CAPACITORS} -- Construction, Standard Values and Tolerances, Voltage Rating, Temperature Coefficient, Insulation Resistance, Dissipation Factor and Q, Dielectric Absorption, Nomenclature, Reliability, Aging and Radiation Effects, { OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS} -- Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Gain and Bandwidth, Stability, Maximum Output Voltage and Current, Slew Rate, Input Offset Voltage, Current, and Bias Current; Common-Mode Input Voltage and CMRR, Input and Output Impedance, Noise, Reliability.

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