with Digital Filtering Applications

by Dr. Claude S. Lindquist

Samuel Johnson said "The two most engaging powers of an author are to make new things familiar, and familiar things new." Making new things familiar and familiar things new is what characterizes ADAPTIVE & DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING with Digital Filtering Applications. This unique new book is filled with vital information:


847 pages, 400 figures, 75 tables, 150 examples, 551 problems, and 118 selected problem solutions. This book uses an unusual chapter sequence to maximize the cohesive development of material. This development carefully balances theoretical complexity and practical usefulness. Lengthy and unnecessary algebraic derivations are avoided to provide room for practical simulations and discussion.


An extremely comprehensive collection of topics, design methods, and algorithms are discussed and integrated together. Many design examples are presented to illustrate concepts and to demonstrate the implementations of systems. Adaptive filters are routinely developed using a frequency domain filter design approach. The reader will find this new digital signal processing book to be one of his most useful and comprehensive texts. ADAPTIVE \& DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING with Digital Filtering Applications is a textbook for undergraduate and graduate level courses in both adaptive and digital signal processing, and digital filtering. It is also an excellent reference and self-study text for engineers.


This book is composed of twelve chapters. Chapters 1--6 are concerned with analysis and Chapters 7--12 are concerned with design. Complete problem sets are presented at the end of each chapter. Answers to selected problems are found at the end of the book. A complete and detailed index is included to facilitate finding information easily and quickly.

Different chapter sequences can be followed for teaching and for self-study programs. When analysis and design are to be studied separately, use: Analysis: Chapters 1--6; Design: Chapters 7--12. When analysis and design are to be studied together, use: FIR and IIR Filter Design: Chapters 1--3, 4.2, 5, 7, 10--12; Fast Transform Filter Design: Chapters 1--4, 6, 7, 8, 9.

The companion book ACTIVE NETWORK DESIGN with Active Filtering Applications is also available which describes analog signal processing. Both books use almost the same chapter sequences (same first half, analogous second half) and have been organized to be complementary. These books thoroughly develop and discuss the close relation and design techniques between digital filters and active filters.

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