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We can provide filter design services for your company. These services often involve the design of filters to meet specific requirements. These may involve classical or adaptive digital filters, active or switched-capacitor filters, RLC passive filters, crystal or ceramic filters, and the like.

Very often companies find themselves in the position of not having technical staff with the necessary background to turn out proper designs within the required deadlines. They turn to us to immediately perform the designs. Sometimes we can later train their staff in workshops. We provide a variety of workshops and seminars focused on the design of these filters.

Some of the typical design functions include:

We also specialize in Matlab analysis and Simulink system-level design. To expedite the system development steps listed above, we use various toolboxes like signal processing, filter design, communications, control system, etc. and in various blocksets like DSP, communications, etc. We can help you accelerate your new system designs.

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