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For clients that have patent portfolios from which they would like to generate income through licensing, acquisition, or divestiture, we can provide analysis and assertion services including due diligence, develop claim charts, prepare demand letters and assisting in negotiations. For clients being approached to obtain a license or to purchase a portfolio, we can provide analysis and defensive services that may assist in mitigating or in some cases vanquishing the assertion efforts.

We have wide licensing, divestiture, and acquisition experience. We can provide legal and/or technical assistance. Our lead legal consultant has asserted and defended in a variety of licensing engagements. More than one hundred million dollar license revenue streams have been obtained for clients in assertion efforts, and licensing costs have been reduced for clients in defensive positions. He has also participated in the acquisition and divestiture of IP portfolios amounting to more than five hundred million dollars. Our technical staff has been involved as expert consultants in these cases.

We can work with your in-house legal staff to prepare and direct licensing activities, or we can augment your efforts under your direction.

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