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We perform patent and trademark searches. Patent searches involve a thorough search to establish prior state-of-the-art. We then can also assess if your new ideas are potentially patentable. We provide you with a complete report of our findings and recommendations including existing patent numbers and issue dates, general prior claims status, and possible claims that might be patentable.

We prepare and prosecute patent, trademark, and copyright applications. Patent and trademark applications may be done with or without a prior patent or trademark search. If a search is done beforehand, we endeavor to craft your patent claims to be as broad as possible for maximum protection in view of the prior art search but limited enough to be granted by the Patent Office. We can also assist you in developing your IP portfolio and an IP strategy designed to help your business grow and protect your strategic markets.

We can provide the complete service for our customers that want us to prepare and submit the application, follow up on responses, and adjust the patent application to overcome Patent Office objections. Our services are fast and surprisely reasonable. Some of our service fees are:

  • preliminary patent search, $250
  • preliminary trademark search, $250
  • basic patent application writing, $525
  • trademark application, $250
  • copyright application, $100
  • business entity document preparation, $250
  • confidentiality agreement, $50
  • basic contract writing, $125
  • basic executive employment contract, $250
  • basic consulting agreement, $250
  • basic assignments, $100
  • subsequent document review, $100/hr

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