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We continuously perform stock market analysis to identify individual stocks that may have rapid appreciation in the short-term. We make these results available to the investor through:

As a result of this analysis, we select between 10-50 stocks which our algorithms predict will out-perform the market in the short-term. These stocks typically have potential appreciation of greater than 50% in less than four months.

We use two stock selection techniques: DSP and Gann/Elliot methods. The DSP analysis approach involves using a proprietary program that contains a variety of sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms. These include spectral analysis, dominant component extractions, interpolations, sliding window filtering, median filtering, and others. Stocks are then ranked according to descending APR (annual percentage rate) and other important information.

Stocks are also analyzed using Gann and Elliot analysis techniques. These include 45 degree, 1X2, & 2X1 angle lines; cycle counts, lower and upper trading boundaries, ABC corrections, five wave triangles, head & shoulders continuations, prior significant tops and bottoms, etc.

We then compile a list of stocks that meet our rigorous DSP and/or Elliot/Gann selection methods. We make this stock list available to the investor via email stock pick service. This list is updated twice a month.

There are approximately 10,000 stocks that we usually track. They trade on the New York, American, and NASDAQ stock exchanges. These stocks come from a variety of sectors that include: biomedical, building, communications, construction, chemicals, financial, gaming, health, insurance, machinary, mobile homes, oil/gas/petroleum, motion pictures, real estate, recreation, retail, security, technology, transportation, trucking, utilities, and others. This tends to insure breadth in our stock selections.

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