A wide variety of DSP & filter dissertations and theses have been written by students of C.S. Lindquist. They are listed here in the hopes that they will provide additional reference material for you. These dissertations and theses can be obtained from University Microfilms in Ann Arbor, MI.

Song, Yuying, "Design of adaptive filters using time-frequency transforms," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 2001.

Violette, J.P., "An approach to two-dimensional image processing utilizing reduced or no apriori information," Ph.D. dissertation, May 1999.

Lu, Chih-Cheng, "Laplacian electrocardiogram with active electrode for arrhythmia detection," Ph.D. dissertation, Dec. 1998.

Ismail, A.R., "Wavelet applications of kinematic and emg signals in gait analysis," Ph.D. dissertation, Dec. 1998.

J.R. West, "Five-channel panning laws: an analytical and experimental comparison," M.S. thesis, May 1998.

Prieto, Yolanda, "Image compression system incorporating wavelets, vector quantization, and adaptive filtering," Ph.D. dissertation, May 1997.

Woodhall, Michael C., "Adaptive algorithms and their relationship to classical image processing," M.S. thesis, May 1997.

Kotvis, Matthew V.D., "An adaptive time-frequency distribution with applications for audio signal separation," M.S. thesis, Music Tech May 1997.

Suarez, Jose, "Perfect reconstruction multiplierless low delay filter bank design," Ph.D. dissertation, May 1996.

Reddy, S.P., "Quantification of stenosis from doppler images using adaptive filters," Ph.D. dissertation, May 1996.

Corral, Celestino, "Analysis and design of optimum matrix filters with prescribed system constraints," Ph.D. dissertation, Dec. 1993.

Risq, Nader, "A unified approach to signal processing using matrices," Ph.D. dissertation, Aug. 1991.

Li, Jun Shen, "Recursive implementation of time domain detection matrix filters," M.S. Thesis, May 1991.

Ho, Jenny C., "Recursive implementation of time domain estimation matrix filters," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1990.

Duysal, Erkan, "Recursive implementation of frequency domain estimation filters," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1990.

Mohd, Dashuki, "Analysis of matrix symmetries in estimation filters using Karhunen-Loeve transforms," M.S. Thesis, June 1990.

Awang, Mat Kamil, "Estimation and detection of multiplicative signals using homomorphic filters," M.S. Thesis, June 1990.

Powell, Clinton, "Time domain design of matrix filters," M.S. Thesis, Aug. 1989.

Bavay, Marc, "Time domain filtering using using generalized transform derived algorithms," M.S. Thesis, May 1989.

Ravitz, Alan, "Design of frequency domain adaptive filters using generalized transforms," M.S. Thesis, May 1989.

Cox, Steve, "Homomorphic estimation and detection of convolved signals," M.S. Thesis, Aug. 1988, (Florida Atlantic Univ.)

Almeer, Meer K., "Theory & design digital filters using optimum basis transform," M.S. Thesis, June 1987.

Yhann, Stephan R., "Iterative transform methods for nonuniformly sampled data," M.S. Thesis, May 1987.

Rizq, Nader N., "Theory and design of class 3 adaptive filters," M.S. Thesis, Dec 1986.

Wongterarit, Tanwaddee, "Design of digital filters from analog filters using frequency transforms," M.S. Thesis, May 1986.

Hilligoss, Will, "Theory of zoom transforms," M.S. Thesis, Cand. June 1985.

Yu, Chor-Fan, "Theory of fast generalized transforms," M.S. Thesis, Cand. June 1985.

Reis, James, "A new probability density function approach to filtering," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1985.

Conboy, Leo, "Theory of adaptive radar," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1985.

Severence, Kenneth, "Generalized adaptive digital filter theory," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1984.

Rozran, Howard, "Adaptive phase-locked loops and delta modulators," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1984.

Graham, Scott, "Discrete integrator transformations for digital filter synthesis," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1984.

Chang, Eugene, "Digital filter design using analog filter nomographs and digital transformations," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1983.

Yablonski, Robert E., "Active-R filters using Norton amplifiers," M.S. thesis, Dec. 1981.

Olortequi, Jose, "RC active filter design using Norton amplifiers," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1978.

Pham, Tiet, "Root locus approach to design of RC active filters," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1978.

Thomas, Maurice, "Gain-bandwidth limitations on RC active filters," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1978.

Huang, Feiran, "Design of band-stop and all-pass active R filters," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1978.

Pinnimitr, Palung, "Noise characteristics of active filters," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1978.

Gocal, Greg, "Analysis and design of tracking filters," M.S. Thesis, June 1977.

Stones, Ian, "Energy transmission of filters under pulsed-cosine operation," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1976.

Walton, John F.. "Active filters using single-pole operational amplifiers," M.S. Thesis, March 1976.

Dangl, Andrew, "A study of band-pass discriminators," M.S. Thesis, March 1976.

Haas, William H., "A class of optimum low-pass filters," M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1975.

Taylor, Alan D., "A study of transitional filters," M.S. Thesis, August 1975.

Taruachon, Damrong, "Passive-tuned active filters," M.S. Thesis, August 1975.

Nowell, Ray W., "An investigation of active bandstop filters," M.S. Thesis, May 1975.

Cole, Leland, "Practical design of active filters," M.S. Thesis, January 1975.

Troung, Van-Sieu, "Classification and compilation of active RC all-pass filters," M.S. Thesis, January 1975.

Pearne, Henry A., "Classification of active RC oscillators," M.S. Thesis, July 1974.

Ta, Frank Chan-Chuong, "Theory of topological signal flow graphs," M.S. Thesis, June 1974.

Hallberg, Joe N., "Filters and nomographs," M.S. Thesis, January 1974.

Ishikawa, Ken Yoshiyuki, "Active RC filter gain and sensitivity optimization," M.S. Thesis, June 1973.


J.D. Eglet, "The design and implementation of a linear predictive vocoder using the MC56002," August 1998.

J.R. West, "Five channel panning laws: an analytical and experimental comparison," May 1998.

H.P. Frederickson, "Loudspeaker optimization using adaptive signal processing," May 1997.

J.E. Baird, "Implementation of a loudspeaker optimization network using digital signal processing techniques," (Using MC56002) May 1997.

J.P. Lester and N. Sincaglia, "Design and implementation of algorithms for real time removal of audio feedback using the TMS320C5X," May 1995.

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