<center><img src="lsgcolor.jpg" alt="Logo for the Lindquist Systems Group which has provided Stock Market (analysis, stock picks), DSP & Filter (design, workshops), Computers (websites, seo, links), Legal (patents, seminars), and Book (DSP, filters, bookstore) services since 1977."></center><br> <center> <!--You need a frames browser to best view our site.<br>But you can still view us here.--> <!--Describe our business areas: DSP & FILTERS, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INCLUDING COMPUTERS, LEGAL & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, & BOOKS--> <P><H3> Our business areas include: <P> <b>STOCK MARKET INVESTING</b>: Stock Analysis, Stop Picks, <P> <b>DSP & FILTERS</b>: Design, Consulting, Research, DSP Workshop, On-Line DSP/Filter Service, Steward & Sons, <P> <b>INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY</b>: Computer Hardware and Computer Software, Internet and Computer Networking, Website Design, Video, Computer Training, On-Line IT Service, <P> <b>LEGAL & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY</b>: Expert Witnesses, Expert Consultants, Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Licensing, Litigation, Lawsuit, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Legal Workshop <P> <b>BOOKS</b>: Steward & Sons, Paper, Thesis, Dissertation</H3> <P> The individual pages are: <P> <H2><B> <A HREF="index.htm">Index</A><br> </B></H2> <H3><B> <A HREF="lsg.htm">Homepage</A><br> </B></H3> <H3><B> <A HREF="leftcolumn.htm"> Books</A><br></B></H3> <H3><B> <A HREF="rightcolumn.htm">Filter, DSP, Book, Computer, Legal</A><br> </B></H3> <A HREF="about.htm">About Us</A><br> <H4><B> <A HREF="book.htm">Book</A><br> </B></H4> <A HREF="book1.htm">Digital Signal Processing</A><br> <A HREF="book1toc.htm">Digital Signal Processing Book</A><br> <A HREF="book2.htm">Active Network Design</A><br> <A HREF="book2toc.htm">Active Network Design Book</A><br> <A HREF="consult.htm">Consultant</A><br> <A HREF="contact.htm">Contact</A><br> <A HREF="design.htm">Filter Design</A><br> <H4><B> <A HREF="dsp.htm">Filter & DSP</A><br> </B></H4> <A HREF="emaildspservice.htm">On-Line DSP & Filter Service</A><br> <A HREF="emailitservice.htm">On-Line Information Technology IT Service</A><br> <A HREF="emaillegalservice.htm">On-Line Legal Research Service</A><br> <A HREF="emailpublishingservice.htm">On-Line Book Publishing Information</A><br> <A HREF="emailstockpicks.htm">On-Line Stock Picks</A><br> <A HREF="examples.htm">Examples</A><br> <A HREF="expert.htm">Expert </A><br> <A HREF="faq.htm">FAQ</A><br> <A HREF="flowchart.htm">Flow Chart of Workshop & Seminar</a><br> <A HREF="hardware.htm">Computer Hardware & Computer Networking</A><br> <A HREF="internet.htm">Internet </A><br> <H4><B> <A HREF="ip.htm">Intellectual Property & Legal</A><br> </B></H4> <H4><B> <A HREF="it.htm">Computers</A><br> </B></H4> <A HREF="lawsuit.htm">Lawsuit </A><br> <A HREF="license.htm">Licensing</A><br> <A HREF="malpractice.htm">Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury </A><br> <A HREF="order.htm">OnLine Book</A><br> <A HREF="papers.htm">Papers</A><br> <A HREF="portfolio.htm">Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Litigation </A><br> <A HREF="research.htm">Research </A><br> <A HREF="seminars.htm">Legal Workshops </A><br> <A HREF="services.htm">Services</A><br> <A HREF="software.htm">Computer Software </A><br> <A HREF="stockanalysis.htm">Stock Market Analysis </A><br> <H4><B> <A HREF="stockservices.htm">Stock Market Service </A><br> </B></H4> <A HREF="thesis.htm">Thesis & Dissertation</A><br> <A HREF="train.htm">Computer Training</A><br> <A HREF="video.htm"> Video </A><br> <A HREF="website.htm">Website Design </A><br> <A HREF="seo.htm">Search Engine Optimization & Link Building </A><br> <A HREF="workshop.htm">DSP Workshop </A><br> <A HREF="linkslsg.htm">DSP & Filter, IT, IP, and Book Links </A><br> <A HREF="linksstock.htm">Stock Market (ALL)</A><br> <A HREF="linksdsp.htm">DSP & Filter Design (ALL)</A><br> <A HREF="linksit.htm">Computer & Web Resources (ALL)</A><br> <A HREF="linksip.htm">Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Malpractice (ALL)</A><br> <A HREF="linksbook.htm">Books, Publishing (ALL)</A><br> <A HREF="reciprocallinks.htm ">Reciprocal Links for Stock, DSP & Filter, IT, IP, and Book</A><br> <A HREF="reciprocallinkform.htm ">Reciprocal Links Form for Stock, DSP & Filters, IT, IP, and Book</A><br> </center>